Eating a hot dog would take 36 minutes off your life.

Maybe you didn’t know that to eat hot dog would take 36 minutes of life, according to new research by specialists at the University of Michigan.

They do not need to tell us that fast food, fats and some sinful dishes are very harmful to health. When we imagine a hamburger, a pizza or a hot dog, at once we want to put sauces, cheese, fries and drink soda. These habitual but unhealthy behaviors cause us to lose time in life, that is, serious cardiac and/or digestive problems appear quickly.

Perhaps you have already thought about starting to have healthy alternatives such as making lentil burgers, which are a rich and nutritious recipe, and if not, this study is going to teach you things that you did not know, but beware, it is not that we want to tell you that you can’t eat a hotdog every once in a while!

Eating a hot dog could take 36 minutes off your life according to a study

The study was led by environmental health expert Olivier Jolliet for the University of Michigan, USA. Some 5,800 different foods were reviewed in the research, including hot dogs, pizzas, chicken wings, yogurts and cheeses. For the evaluation, a classification called the Nutritional Health Index was developed, which calculates the health burden of food and the minutes of healthy life lost or gained by eating it.

The results indicated that when you eat a whole hot dog, this food would take away 36 minutes of healthy life due to its high load of calories, fat and processed products that are used for its preparation. The recommendation of the experts is to consume fast foods in moderation and reduce the intake of processed meats such as sausages, hams, beef, pork and lamb.

If you were wondering how many minutes of life can be subtracted from some wings in sauce, the answer is that you would lose 3.3 minutes for each wing eaten. In the opposite case, the study invites the consumption of more foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, some seafood and whole grains. These would offer you an average of 16 to 26 more minutes of healthy life.

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