Easy experiments for children with which they will have fun

if you are looking for easy experiments for kidsYou will surely love these to spend a fun time with your family.

Distracting children can sometimes be complicated, but there is nothing better than experimenting with them to have a good time. That’s why here we present some easy experiments with which you will surely have a lot of fun.

Easy and fun experiments for children

Pay close attention and follow the step by step of each experiment to make it a success. The best thing is that you don’t need a lot of materials to explore the world. Let’s do it!

Let your drawings come to life!

If you have ever dreamed that your drawings could move, this is the solution. It’s all thanks to a scientific phenomenon known as insolubility, that’s why you can see how your drawings come to life when floating in water. The best thing is that you only need an erasable marker, a glass of water at room temperature and a porcelain plate or some glass container.

Then with the erasable marker, you have to make a simple drawing on the plate or glass container such as a stick figure, hearts or stars. Then put some water on the plate to lift the drawing off the plate and shake it to make the drawing move, it’s really amazing.

Easy experiments for children: The traveling water

If you want to put your creativity to the test and discover a property of water known as capillarity, this experiment is for you. All you need is water, glasses, kitchen paper and food coloring, at least 3 different colors.

To do your experiment you need to cut the kitchen paper into four parts so that they fit between the glasses. You must place it taking care that each end of the paper must go from the bottom of one glass to the next without leaving much space between them. Then fill a glass with water and add different colored food coloring to each glass, it is important that you leave an empty glass between each glass. Then place the kitchen paper and you will see how they begin to paint different colors as if it were a rainbow.

grow in water

The best thing about this experiment is that you can have your own lettuce whenever you want to prepare delicious salads. You don’t need soil, just water. That is why the materials that you are going to use for this are a glass, a lettuce stem and water.

After you have the lettuce stem at hand, you need to keep it elevated, so insert three tripod sticks into the base of the lettuce. Then, put the stem in the glass and add a little water, making sure to cover only the base of the lettuce. Next, you will have to place the jar in a window or place that receives sunlight and change the water every day so that it does not rot. After a few days you will begin to notice that the lettuce begins to grow, if you want you can transplant it into a pot and create your own garden at home.

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