Easy dessert recipes that will sweeten the day and life

The easy dessert recipes They are necessary to close with a flourish any special occasion that you celebrate at home.

In every home there are delicious desserts, some of them invented and others adapted to the original preparations. No matter what the ingredients are, these sweet delights always need that unique touch that only you can give them and that will be enough to make your guests want to lick their fingers in every bite.

If you want to know how to make cakes at home in the blink of an eye or you are interested in learning the easiest dessert recipes, then you will love this article:

Easy dessert recipes with basic ingredients

Ready to enter the kitchen and become a great chef? These preparations that we will show you below will help you in that task:


These tiny temptations but with an incredible flavor are ideal for those people who do not want to exceed their sugar consumption. Their preparation is not difficult at all and you can accompany them with arequipe, condensed milk or a good coffee to close an unforgettable meal.

Here we show you how to make meringue.

Strawberries and cream

It is one of those desserts that you cannot lose because apart from being easy to make, it does not require a few ingredients and most people love it. Choose the freshest strawberries on the market and go ahead and prepare them at home to conquer the palate of the whole family.

We show you here how to make strawberries with cream.


They can not only be prepared in large restaurants! At home it is also possible to achieve world championship waffles that will be ideal to top with fruits, arequipe, hazelnut cream, sauces, jams or anything that comes to mind.

This is how waffles are prepared with a recipe to savor, share and enjoy.

Quick and easy dessert recipes

Batteries to write down these recipes because they will get you out of trouble when there is not much time or talk in your pocket:


A good bite of marzipan saves life. This kind of cookie is made with very few ingredients and you can adapt them to your own recipe to make them the sweet company that a loaded red wine needs after eating.

We show you here how to make marzipan: a recipe for a delicious snack.


There is no home where this delicacy of gods has not been prepared at some time. Whether on its own or with condensed milk, gelatin has the particularity of being very digestible, cheap and easy to prepare because it only takes time to set in the fridge. Dare to make it and conquer the palate of the people you love.

Learn here how to make jelly: a delicious and quick dessert.

At Vibra we want to show you many easy recipes to encourage you to prepare them at home and delight your guests.