Easy, delicious and cheap Christmas recipes

These recipes for christmas They are perfect to enjoy exquisite flavors on this important date with family or friends.

Recipes for all tastes, that is precisely what you will find in this note where we compile some of the tastiest dishes to enjoy at Christmas. The best thing is that you do not need to be an expert in the kitchen to make each of these preparations that we are sure your guests will love.

Easy recipes for Christmas

A special on Christmas recipes to cook for Christmas Eve, Candlelight Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Eve. Surely with these ideas you will be the best host and you will be able to offer recipes for all tastes from sweet to salty.

Christmas recipes: Filet mignon

Coming from the most famous and exquisite gastronomy in the world, the French, and with the meaning of «tender steak» this dish is a true delight. Through time it has become an icon of world food and that it is prepared with few ingredients.

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Pork tenderloin in white wine

Some of the best recipes in the world are prepared with pork tenderloin, a delicious, very juicy cut that can be accompanied with many sauces to give it a unique flavor.

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Roast chicken with potatoes

Baked chicken is a very simple recipe that can have the best effects on your guests because with very few ingredients and investing really little money, you will be able to serve them and pamper them with a dish that will delight them.

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russian salad

There is no New Year, Christmas or candlelight day that has not been enlivened by the popular Russian salad. This dish, which is sometimes eaten cold, is one of those recipes that have passed from generation to generation and continue to be a great option to prepare at any time.

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Recipes for Christmas: Custard

In Colombia it is said that “There is no Novena without custard”, and it is not for less, because this soft dessert is the ideal companion for other December classics. In addition, its smooth texture makes it ideal to accompany it with jams, arequipe or English sauce.

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Colombian donuts

“Buñuelos, Christmas recipe”, is what many of us think, because this dough is the protagonist of the Novenas. We share this recipe for homemade fritters, perfect to share with your family in all kinds of gatherings. A delight!

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Rice pudding

This preparation is a delicious dessert that can also easily replace a whole small meal, such as elevens or nines. In addition, it is ideal for the end of the year parties and Christmas. Take note of this Colombian rice pudding recipe.

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Butter cookies

Is butter cookies recipe It is so easy to make that even the smallest of the house can help you and it will be a perfect fun family plan for Christmas.

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What other homemade dessert recipes would you like us to share with you? Write what you think in the comments of this note.