Easy and economical cooking recipes, perfect for any occasion!

if you want to learn easy and cheap cooking recipeshere we bring you some ideas that you will surely love because they are perfect for all tastes.

Of course you can eat rich and cheap, with these recipes you will be able to prepare dishes with unique touches and with ingredients that you surely have at home. All you have to do is risk trying these delicious preparations so that you always have something different when it comes to savoring your dish.

Easy and economical cooking recipes: Orange chicken

A good orange chicken recipe is a dish that you must learn to prepare because it will be a delight for all your guests and the reason they want to run to your house.

See the orange chicken recipe

Spanish tortilla

The Spanish omelette is a very special recipe because to its soft texture and rich aroma, it is added the exquisite flavor of ingredients that we all know but very rarely dare to mix.

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Cuban congri rice

Cuban rice is definitely a delicious recipe that bears many similarities to the flavors that can be tasted in the Colombian Caribbean, obviously, with some changes.

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Easy and economical cooking recipes: Pasta with tuna

Tuna pasta is a recipe that is very rich, easy to make and would be ideal to liven up any gathering at home and conquer the hearts of the guests.

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Pork ribs without oven and very fast

If you don’t know how to make pork ribs without an oven, we present you with an exquisite recipe that you will be able to prepare quickly and easily.

See the recipe for pork ribs without oven

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