Dyes for brunettes, ideas to inspire you

If you are determined to make a change of look, you can try these ideas of dyes for brunettes that you will surely love.

It is time for you to give yourself the opportunity to make an extreme change and the best thing is that you can try several ideas that we will give you in this note. Dare to look at these styles so that in the end you can decide the one that suits you best and makes you look much more beautiful.

Dyes for brown skin

You have several options to make that change of look that you want so much and thus highlight your beauty. It’s just a matter of trying the style that most convinces you in order to feel comfortable.

Dark champagne hair color for brunettes

If you have brown skin you can try blonde, a color that will look great on you. The dark champagne tone is a color that occurs between blonde and brown, and the best thing is that it will highlight your features.

Hair dyes for brunettes like red

This is a classic and striking color that is worn quite a lot by women with brown skin. The ideal is that you look for the right tone to highlight your attributes, so you can go for two of our favorites, mahogany or reddish brown.

Hair dyes for brown skin, caramel!

Caramel is ideal for women with brown skin, it is a tone that makes you look delicate, feminine and you can opt for a subtle change. The best thing about this color is that it adds shine to the hair and with a proper hairstyle like waves you will look sweet and charming.

Purple to look irreverent with this dye for brunettes

If you are determined to make a drastic change, this may be a very good option for you. The purple color is for bold women, use a single violet tone throughout your hair, with a pigmentation that is neutral. You’ll love it!

Dyes for short brunette hair, our favorite, chocolate!

If you don’t have very long hair, but you’re willing to give yourself a change of look… How about trying the chocolate color? This is one of those colors that never goes out of style and will make you look beautiful, elegant and fresh. Let’s do it! Cheer up with this tone.

If the chocolate tone caught your attention for your change of look, we give you other ideas about chocolate hair, so you know what tone suits you? One click on Vibrate.