Due to the size of the suitcase, the daughter of Juan Diego Alvira generated controversy

The daughter of Juan Diego Alvira he returned to face-to-face classes and a photo that the presenter shared on networks, divided opinions between those who support the idea and those who think that he should not do it yet.

Juan Diego Alvira is one of the most beloved news presenters in the country. Since his start on Canal City TV, the journalist has proven to be multifaceted and original, although in some cases viewers have been blamed for making controversial notes or for that «out of the ordinary» style.

The presenter of Noticias Caracol, usually shares moments of his work and family life on social networks and accounts for this, is that he posted a photograph in which his daughter is the protagonist and is preparing to return to school. The image caused controversy among his followers and generated conflicting opinions.

The daughter of Juan Diego Alvira returns to class and a photo ignites the controversy

Juan Diego published a snapshot showing his daughter, María del Mar, ready and with all the biosafety protocols to go back to school. The journalist accompanied the photo with the message “Mom and daughter plan to return face-to-face classes. How about the suitcase? Bigger than the owner…”.

What he did not imagine is that the photo would raise a blister and divide his followers between those who «veiled it» not only because of the obvious size of the girl’s suitcase and those who believe that it is not the time to send the little girl. to classes because of the danger it could mean due to the pandemic:

«Oh Juan Diego is not fair with those suitcases that mistreat our children’s backs.»

«Where is the suitcase going with the girl.»

“You are going to study or travel.”

“I would never let a little baby go to the street to get sick.”

“On-site??? Uyyy Juan Diego is not convenient for now. In alternation. She’s a babe.»

«How cute but I wouldn’t send her to class.»

Other followers came out in his defense and expressed support for the decision of Juan Diego and his wife:

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