Dubious and responsible breeders

Dubious and responsible breeders – Foundation for Animal Welfare in Germany

  • offers different breeds of puppies, sometimes even less than eight weeks old. This can be clearly seen from the milk teeth, which are only present at the age of eight weeks.
  • tries to circumvent the regulations, claiming that prospective owners are responsible for the puppy’s initial vaccinations, microchipping and registration. They do not give any information about the care of the puppy. Necessary documents are missing or forged.
  • insists on handing over the puppy in a public place, e.g. B. in a parking lot to meet. If the exchange is at the entrance of an apartment building, the seller’s last name will not be displayed on the doorbell and the seller will ask that you call them upon your arrival.
  • sells the puppies without having them examined, vaccinated and dewormed beforehand.
  • is usually unregistered, as are the puppies. Is not willing to sign a contract or take the puppies back if something goes wrong. The dealer will avoid any questions after the puppies are sold. Especially when the puppies get sick. Unscrupulous breeders/dealers just disappear when something goes wrong to avoid legal action.
  • does not socialize his puppies. An unscrupulous dealer or breeder sources the animals from overseas puppy farms where they have received little or no socialization.
  • does not take care of the breeding dogs and often does not know where they are or under what conditions they are kept. The puppies are mostly bought from a puppy farm or imported from abroad.
  • usually only offers one litter of one or two dog breeds that the breeder specializes in. He only sells his puppies when they are at least eight weeks old and ready to be separated from their mothers.
  • ensures puppies are fully vaccinated, microchipped and registered – unfortunately this is not required by law but is highly recommended. He will also check that they have all the necessary documents, as well as information about the puppy’s care.
  • allows and appreciates that the buyer can visit the puppies more than once in advance to see them. A reputable breeder will show the puppies interacting with their mother and littermates.
  • can certify that the puppies are fully vaccinated, dewormed and medically examined before being sold.
  • is registered and easy to reach to answer any questions before, during and after your purchase. Reputable breeders will insist on signing a puppy purchase agreement and will take the puppy back if it is ill or has to be relinquished under certain conditions.
  • ensures that the puppies are socialized in various situations prior to sale and advises the new owners on how to continue the puppy’s socialization.
  • runs a registered or licensed kennel and has already registered all of his puppies in his name at the time of sale.
  • takes care of her breeding dogs and ensures their well-being. The mother bitch gives birth a maximum of four times, and she must not be younger than 15 months and not older than 8 years. Breeding dogs are generally well cared for pets.