Dreaming of urinating, will your life be in a control zone?

Sometimes, dream of urinating It can leave you thinking because you do not find a relationship between this act and your normal life. What you do not know is that it is a vision that would be a reflection of your personality today.

For many cultures, urine is a symbol of detoxification or success. Well, in the world of dreams, this natural action could be a great lesson for you since it would reveal that although you think that everything is going well, there would be aspects that you should stop balls from so that they do not take your life out of apparent control in the dream world. that you have it

If you want to learn what it means to dream of swimming or you want to know how seeing people urinating in your dreams would be the way to teach you that your personality needs a few adjustments, then we present this article that will surely interest you:

What does it mean to dream of urine?

Just like in real life, the act of urinating is control over your sphincter. When you have a revelation in which you see yourself urinating, your head would be showing you that you are in control of your life, even if at certain moments you feel that things are not progressing at the pace you want. Also, this dream would have a direct relationship with your emotions, focusing efforts on increasing your sense of trust and honesty.

Dream about dog urine

The visions in which you see a cute puppy peeing would have a very positive symbolism since it could commonly be the arrival of a period of great prosperity and happiness in your life. Aspects such as economic, love and professional status would benefit, so it would be time to undertake new projects that you have had in reserve.

Dream of urinating in abundance

The truth is that this is usually a very revealing dream. Perhaps in these times you are leading a life of excesses and without caring about your present and future. Through this revelation, your mind would be telling you that this extreme life span can be very detrimental to your health and the well-being of your finances. This would be an alarm for you to start saving and live happily but without putting yourself at risk of any kind.

dream of urinating blood

This is a vision that would not bode well for you. For a good part of the dreamers it would mean that they may have to face economic losses in businesses that they have started. In other cases, it would be the arrival of some health problems that would be coming and that require special care so that they do not end up being a headache.

Dream about urinating and wetting the bed

We all surely went through that stage of life in which we wet the bed. Well, this dream in adulthood would be the sign that you are facing some situations that are making you feel guilty, either because of your actions or words. With this vision, the subconscious would be telling you that there is some desperation because you cannot find the solution to these difficulties and that would generate inner pressure, which translates to urinating in bed.

Dream of someone else’s urine

In this case in which you see another person urinating either in your bed or very close to you, it could be a warning sign because some difficulties would be approaching. Perhaps, you will begin to see that people close to you could attack you or generate situations in which envy and tares would appear in your work environment and friends; you should have your eyes open to see the intentions of this close circle.

dream of urinating in the street

This action that many see as contrary to the laws, would have a connotation of irreverence on your part. It is a dream in which your mind wants to tell you that bad habits are taking you out of the regular behavior that you had in front of your work or love relationships, so it would be a good time for you to stop and focus on recovering your good relationships. friendship and respect with the people around you.

What does it mean to dream of a baby urinating?

It would be associated with your social life because perhaps you are leaving aside some friends who love you, but to whom you simply do not pay attention. It would also show that some decisions you have made would have led you to go into a shell to hide the true feelings you have.

We want to show you everything you need to know about the meaning of dreams and how these visions can reveal great aspects of your personality that you did not have in mind.