Dreaming of the devil, will its meaning scare you?

Have you ever woken up scared by this? What does it mean to dream of the devil? Here you will learn to face your fears.

Human beings can see many frightening things while we sleep and wake up with the feeling of having escaped from a nightmare, like when we just woke up. dream of dead people.

Although we can also meet less terrifying beings, but disturbing, as when we remember dream of a black cat and we are superstitious, or when we have the experience of seeing the devil while resting.

What does it mean to dream of the devil?

For many experts, these types of visions could be related to all the internal fears that you feel at various times in life. In other cases, it would also have to do with the perception of negative energies radiating from people around you.

Sigmund Freud (the father of psychoanalysis) believed that dreams were the result of intense anxiety and fear of something that occurs during wakefulness. For years he treated a patient who claimed to be possessed by the devil, and watched him in visions of him constantly.

Meaning of dreaming with the devil

However, there are other interpretations, not from psychology, but from esotericism, and all of them have to do with very specific revelations., but quite common. If you have ever wondered what does it mean to dream of the devilhere we bring you several cases:

What does it mean to dream of the devil chasing me

Unconsciously you have a great feeling of guilt for something you did and you feel that it was not right, and it may be something from many years ago. You must apologize to fix the situation.

What does it mean to dream of the devil speaking to me

It would indicate that there is something inside you that you don’t like, that disturbs you and you want to change, but you couldn’t; the message is that it came at the time to do it, because you have reached a high level of consciousness.

What does it mean to dream of God and the devil

It represents that you have to make a decision. God represents the «correct» decision and the devil represents evil, wrong decisions, which can bring you greater pleasures than the first. Batteries with that. Use the wisdom of the Universe so as not to make a mistake.

Dream about the devil and pray

It could be a feeling of guilt or some remorse that you have and it does not leave you alone. Dreaming of the devil and praying would also be understood as the manifestation of pride in the face of gossip or gossip in which you would be involved but slip you.

What does it mean to dream that the devil wants to take you

At this point in your life you feel so full of problems and you see them so big and impossible to solve that you feel like you no longer have the strength to fight. Don’t let the devil take you, fight for what you love!

What does it mean to dream of the devil and not be afraid of him?

You have an unfinished business, perhaps a secret or an unresolved problem that you are afraid to face. Not being afraid of the devil means that you must turn the page and face it. It will be a tough fight, but you will win it.

dream of demons leaves us perplexed. You must remain calm as soon as you wake up and understand the circumstances in which your nightmare occurred in order to give it a correct interpretation.

What has been the most terrifying nightmare that you remember, specifically of dreaming about the devil? Write your story in the comments, and share it on your networks with this note! Also, have you had other types of nightmares and want to learn how to interpret them? The meaning of dreams is within reach of a click on Vibra.

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