Dreaming of flying: are you in the clouds?

dream of flying It is not all bad, this means that you are going through a process where you want to fulfill all your aspirations.

When someone dreams of flying, this is closely related to a person’s desire to feel free and not let anything or anyone interfere with their decisions. It is a very common dream that can have different interpretations depending on how this situation is represented.

What does it mean to dream of flying

If in your dream you see that you are flying, this symbolizes the inspiration and the desire that you have to transcend the ordinary. However, here we explain the correct way to interpret these dreams so that you can see what your subconscious is telling you.

Dream that you rise and fly

To dream that you fly, you rise, but in the middle of the dream you do not want that to happen, this means that you do not like to fantasize or give yourself the freedom to do certain things in your life. It means that you are a person who does not like to lose focus and have his feet on the ground.

What does it mean when you dream that you are floating in the air?

In the case of dreaming of floating in the air, this is directly related to the fact that you long to enter a moment where you fulfill dreams, where you want happiness, make your illusions come true and of course you always want to maintain that desire for freedom.

Dream that you have wings and fly

If in your dream you fly because you have wings, this means that you need to fly very high, that you need to leave behind the situations that cause you stress and the problems of your day to day. That is why it is necessary for you to take a break and leave behind what is causing you headaches.

dream of flying high

When a person dreams that he is in the air very high, it means that he wants to disappear from his daily reality. That is why he must be alert to situations that cause him conflict, in case he needs to make changes on a personal or professional level.

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