Dreaming of firearms reveals your greatest fears

When it comes to dream of firearmsyour mind would be telling you that conflicts, fears and anger are taking over some of your behaviors.

In many cases, the visions usually give us messages to change aspects of life for personal growth. When you wonder about what does it mean to dream that you kill someone it is because you may carry negative emotions such as anger and rage; the same thing happens when you see yourself carrying or using weapons in dreams.

Meaning of dreaming of a firearm

Dreaming of firearms could mark your path since you would be facing, from your point of view, signs that trigger your insecurities. Seeing a firearm would indicate that it is time to start settling accounts in a positive way with several people and even close chapters with yourself that would be mortifying you.

What does it mean to dream of a gun in your hand?

Logically, this dream does not mean that you are going to kill anyone. What this vision would say is that you would be going through moments of constant conflict with someone close to you such as your partner or someone close to you. Holding a weapon would also indicate that you feel some anger against that person because it would be causing you some emotional difficulties and would have become someone toxic to you.

To dream that a firearm is pointed at me

It is a case very similar to dream of a robbery and this would show a somewhat unknown facet of yours at the behavioral level. This weapon pointed at you would mean that you would have to face great difficulties in which you could hurt or get hurt and that would just create a lot of emotional inconvenience for you. Also, it would be that you would discover various disloyalties that would come from people around you and from whom you would be surprised to know their true intentions.

Dream about shooting a gun

Although it seems to be a rather violent dream, the truth is that it would not have a negative meaning. This revelation could be the announcement of the arrival of achievements, successes and profits in your life, since the cycles of financial and personal difficulties would finally close. Your mind would be preparing you for possible job promotions or perhaps to reach a goal in an unexpected way, which you had truncated for some time.

If it doesn’t shoot

The meaning of dreaming of a firearm that does not shoot, in a good part of the cases, would represent the moments in which you feel bad and believe that your head does not work in the best way. This failed shot could represent that you feel ashamed before others because you would have made a mistake with them and this situation would be causing problems for a person who perhaps had nothing to do with the conflict.

What does it mean to dream of firearms and deaths?

What does it mean to dream of dead it can be traumatic because it would be a sign of change and renewal. Death is a step or a transition, so perhaps your subconscious is telling you that now you would feel more comfortable in the comfort zone in which you find yourself and would not want to explore new situations or feelings. This vision would also indicate that personal changes would come to you to cure some insecurities or doubts about your actions and/or thoughts.

a gun in hand

Dreaming with a firearm in your hand would indicate that you feel attacked or harmed by a person you see as an adversary, without it meaning a real danger. In addition, it would be linked to the fact that you feel your hands are tied in the face of different personal, love or work arbitrariness and you would feel responsible for things that you would not have done but of which you are fiercely accused.

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