Dreaming of cats, its interpretation surprises!

Dreaming of cats could be the revelation of your fears, happiness and hopes in moments of life in which you may have some confusion.

This dream can make us uneasy or happy, It depends on your interpretation and the circumstances. Know in this note what it means to dream of cats.

When we dream, impressive or absurd things happen in our mind, but within all that illogicality, many times we remember something that shocks us, such as dreaming of a black dog or other animals.

What does it mean to dream of cats?

The correct interpretation of a dream with this domestic feline depends on the circumstances in which you saw it, but also on the particular characteristics of the animal. Here we collect the most common meanings of feline dreams.


Dreaming of kittens indicates that you may find yourself in a situation or phase of life in which you feel exposed or even in danger. Think about your dream related to the kitten, what emotions did it provoke when you woke up?

If you felt good, kittens represent gentleness or vulnerability; they could reflect the good and positive emotions of the dreamer, who feels relaxed, satisfied, harmonious and loved in his life.

When they are protected by their mother, they reflect your own feelings of uncertainty, insecurity, self-doubt, vulnerability, and fragility. This applies to dreams with kittens that make you feel bad, but you don’t know why.

Meaning of dreaming of wild cats

They can indicate that a neighbor would be dangerous or that you will have some kind of dispute with him. If you fight with the animal, it could be a warning that you will be robbed or cheated in some way.

It bites you? It symbolizes the loss of something, usually related to the people closest to you. If at any time you hug him, it suggests that your enemies can be tamed.

Dream of cats playing

When you see these cute kittens in your dream, it means that a streak of good luck and success would come in your personal and work projects that you may not have expected. If these cats look happy, it means that the cycles of your life in which problems were your main concern will be left behind.

Dream of aggressive cats

If you are afraid of the angry cat and its aggressive behavior, it is because you fear the feminine. Dream of aggressive cats it is a metaphor of someone malicious who is looking for a fight with you.

Did you see a couple of cats fighting? The most important female figures in your life (mother, partner, sisters, aunts, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, etc.) may be fighting with each other and hide it from you.

When in the dream the feline fights with a dog it is because the closest women in your life may not approve of your friends, social circle or partner.

Dreaming of a white cat is really surprising

When you are not bringing something completely new to light, the dream is usually a response to something in your life. The question is: “what is going on in your life right now?”

For example, let’s say you’re dealing with something painful. This dream could suggest that some kind of deeply personal struggle is going on, for which you need to make calculated decisions.

It is also a feminine symbol and, due to its color, it is associated with lunar wisdom. Light comes after darkness. Perhaps it is a call for you to discover something deeper about yourself on the spiritual plane.

The meaning of dreaming with a gray cat is very curious

Gray is a neutral and relaxing color; therefore, it is not surprising that seeing a gray cat in a dream is less exciting than seeing a black or white cat.

If you had this dream, you need to know that dream of gray cat It means that you need to take stock of what is going on in your life and determine whether or not you are acting fairly.

Dream about a black cat

Finally, we come to the one that causes us the most fear due to our superstitions. In general terms, it means betrayal, but to know more, click on it here to what it means to dream of a black cat.

Does he hug you in the vision?

To dream that a cat hugs you would mean that moments of hope and faith are approaching at this stage in which you feel lost in your personal and love life.

What does it mean to dream of dogs and cats fighting?

In the case of dream of dogs and cats fighting, indicates that the memory of a past sentimental relationship is haunting your head and perhaps you are not being entirely happy with the person next to you in this

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