Dreaming of a fight, what does it mean?

dream of a fight it can have several meanings, if this is happening in your dreams here we tell you what it is about.

When you wonder about normal things in life that happen while you sleep, such as what it is like to dream crying, you should know that it is part of the messages that your mind wants to give you. Other revelations as fearful as dream of stabbing to someone usually appear in moments of emotional imbalance and a lot of stress in your work or personal life.

It must also be said that if in your dreams you participate in a fight, you witness some blows or there are some kinds of discussions. Everything has a meaning that represents moments that you can take to live in your life. That is why here we tell you those possible meanings of your dreams.

What does it mean to dream of a fight?

When in your dream you see that you are fighting with a close person, this means that you are going to have unpleasant encounters with your co-workers or it can represent legal problems. Also, if in the fight it is you who ends up losing, this means you are risking a lot of your interests and properties, which puts you at risk of suffering great losses.

What does it mean to dream that I fight with my partner?

It is a rather boring dream but it could commonly indicate that you would be upset with someone (or with your partner precisely). This vision would also appear when you feel that you are keeping quiet things that you do not like or that you are afraid to express them.

a street fight

Dreaming of a street fight means there are many envies and obstacles that are being presented to you because of your enemies. That’s why you have to be careful of the people you surround yourself with. If there are weapons in that street fight, it means that you are about to take the next step, that is, that you are going to get married and best of all, it will be with a very intelligent and fairly balanced person.

dream about knife fight

dream with knife It is usually seen as a bad omen as it would show that you may experience some monetary losses. Already in the case of fights that include these weapons, it may be that your head is going through various dilemmas and situations in which you may not know if you will win or lose, but the important thing is that you make decisions with a cool head.

If dogs fight

Dreaming of a dog fight indicates that you should be alert to the people around you as this means that there may be serious problems or some friction within your family or in your group of closest friends. That’s why pay attention to your circle so that it won’t affect them in the future.

What does it mean to dream that I fight with my dad?

When there are discussions in your dream, this immediately reflects that there is an inner conflict or difficult moments in which you do not know how to act. However, the fact that your father appears in your dream reveals that he is the person with whom you have the problem, that is why he seeks to solve it as soon as possible. If in short, right at that moment you have no problems, take care of the relationship so that in the future it will not go through complicated moments.

Dream that I fight with my mom

On the contrary, if the fight is with your mother, this means that your subconscious is playing the role of a mother, reminding you that you have responsibilities that you must fulfill. That is why pay attention to your work, your projects, your family and friends, lest you be neglecting them or putting them aside for things that are not worth it.

a fight with someone

What it means to dream that you fight with someone could be seen as an alert that launches your mind so that you calm your nerves and learn to handle them in a better way. This could translate into possible arguments with your co-workers or even on a love level with your partner.

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