Dream of flood? Does it mean something good or bad?

What does it mean dream of a flood? It is not so good, that is why we explain the meaning of this strange dream so that you are alert.

Dreaming of water could be very pacifying and calming, but the truth is that it attracts the attention of several people, because it seems strange because of the hidden implications it brings. However, you should not be scared because it is a very common theme that warns you that you should be careful with situations that occur in your life.

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What does it mean to dream of a flood?

When a flood occurs in your dreams, it usually coincides with a specific situation that is happening in your life. That is why it is important that you pay attention to every factor that surrounds you and not get a sad or unpleasant surprise.

Dream of water and flooding in the streets

This dream represents issues that are related to the emotional or moments of tension and deception. Take a good look at who surrounds you because those people who intrigue you could be hurting you and you can’t even imagine it.

What if your home floods?

Dreaming that the house is flooded, this is not very encouraging since it means that you are having problems related to marital crisis, or family fights. In addition, it can be a sign that you could face losing money, your house or some legal problem that you are facing.

Dream of severe flooding

If it happened in reality it would be terrible, so if it happens in your dreams it is also devastating. What this dream wants to show you is that an illness is coming, you could face the loss of your job or it could also be an alert that announces that you are going to end the relationship you have with your partner.

dirty water flooding

Many times we think about what it means to dream of dirty water and if this would bring negative things to life. Dreaming of dirty water that runs and floods may be a representation by your mind to warn you that your fears and insecurities are making you their prey. It may be that you have various emotional issues, tension or that generate disappointments and that in the end are the basis to feed your darkest feelings.

Dream about a flood of clean water

Be careful with this dream, because it only has one meaning that means that a person who will become your lover will come into your life. That’s why the best thing you can do is keep away people who can complicate your life, it’s not necessary to affect someone with your behavior.

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