Dog licks everything – illness or habit? 8 tips!

Your dog licks everything – what’s wrong with him? The problem with the permanent smacking and licking can have different causes. Often this is just a stupid habit.

In some cases, however, serious illnesses or chronic seizures are also behind this behavior. To prevent your dog from doing this “Licky fits Syndrome” developed, you need to get to the bottom of it.

Below you will find out what to look out for and how you can help your dog.

In a nutshell: Dog licks everything – what should I do?

Licking and smacking is part of being a dog, but if your dog is consistently licking something, it could be a deficiency or an illness.

When licking out of boredom, durable chewing bones and a healthy amount of exercise do a great job. Keep your dog busy and give him something to do.

If it is already chronic seizures or an illness, you will not be able to avoid a visit to the vet. Record all your observations there. An easy “My dog ​​licks everything” won’t help.

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My dog ​​licks everything – that’s the reason

If you have a very young dog or puppy, an occasional lick on the couch or floor may give you peace of mind. Puppies in particular put everything in their mouths first and explore it.

Only if the licking seems compulsive and uncomfortable or can hardly be avoided, you should visit the veterinarian.

boredom and natural behavior

Some days are just boring – mainly when mum or dad don’t have time. It can happen that your dog licks the floor for a few minutes or does something else.

No reason to worry. If you find «Oh, my dog ​​is licking me»you can consider whether he might be bored or just want to tell you that he likes you.

Licking and sniffing is completely normal and commonplace for dogs. It’s part of their day (within reason), like our greetings on the street.

Dogs also use this licking to appease a higher-ranking animal or to invite other dogs to cuddle. Therefore, it is generally part of a dog’s natural communication.

deficiency symptoms

Does your dog lick the floor? And all the time? Try to find out if your dog might be looking for leftover food. A deficiency can make itself felt.

The leftover food on the floor may contain nutrients that your dog is lacking. To be sure, you should visit a veterinarian, explain the situation and ask for a blood test.


Is your dog constantly licking itself? This could be an indication of pain or itching! If your dog noticeably licks a part of its body, you need to have it checked by a veterinarian.

Even if the paw licking degenerates, there is a need for action. There are often small foreign bodies in the paws or mites have spread.

Licky Fits Syndrome and Psyche

Is your dog constantly licking something for no apparent reason?

Unfortunately, there are also mental illnesses that cause your dog to constantly lick something. The «Licky Fits Syndrome” specifically describes frantic licking of absolutely anything the dog can find.

This syndrome usually occurs with a food intolerance, an allergy, an organic disorder or with incorrect eating habits. The stomach can also play a major role:

Over- or underproduction of stomach acid as well as blockages at the gastric outlet can lead to these panic attacks.

Attention danger!

As soon as you notice your dog licking something or itself in panic or unease – take it to the vet!

A torsion or a serious illness could be imminent!

Solutions – You can do that

With some of the causes mentioned above, you can help your dog yourself. In the case of mental or physical illnesses, however, you should always consult a qualified veterinarian!

Keep your dog busy

The boredom licking can be prevented by tasty chewing bones. Taking short breaks (if possible) to stop working and play with your dog also works wonders.

If you don’t have time at all, a dog sitter might be worth considering. You can find offers primarily on the Internet.

Appropriate feeding

You can prevent deficiency symptoms with supplements that are based on natural plants and with the right feeding. A veterinarian can tell you exactly what nutrients your dog is lacking after a blood test.

Try to make sure that your dog is eating a balanced diet and that the food is adjusted every now and then.

hygiene measures

Dogs prone to mites or fleas should be kept as clean as possible. You can make your dog’s life easier by regularly checking his paws for foreign objects and washing him with suitable dog shampoo.

Regular checks for crawling animals in the ears and brushing out the fur can also prevent mite infestation.

Consult a veterinarian

If you are unsure what is wrong with your dog or suspect a “Licky Fits Syndrome” you need to go to the vet. Only there can your dog be treated appropriately.


Boredom and deficiency symptoms can be avoided by species-appropriate husbandry and feeding.

In the case of obsessive behavior that you cannot explain to yourself, as well as the expression of pain, only a visit to the veterinarian can remedy the situation.

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