Dog coughing and choking white mucus? 6 causes & tips

When the dog coughs and chokes on white mucus, every dog ​​owner worries about his furry nose.

Here’s what it means when your dog is coughing and retching white mucus, what you can do for your dog, and when it’s time to consider a vet visit.

Dog coughing and gagging white phlegm – possible causes

If your dog suddenly starts coughing and choking up white phlegm, this may be a harmless cause such as fast food have, but also on one more severe illness Clues.

The most important thing in this situation is: keep Calm.

You must try to distinguish if your dog is coughing or gagging. Gagging usually indicates that the dog is trying to get rid of something stuck in its throat.

In a «productive cough,» mucus comes out of the lungs and can be brought up by the cough.

The following causes can be present when your dog coughs and chokes on white mucus.

1. Foreign body

Does the dog have one Foreign body swallowed, which he cannot digest, he tries to get rid of it by coughing and retching. If you have seen your dog swallow something or are concerned, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

If your dog has swallowed a foreign object that is now in the windpipe and cannot be removed, it is a foreign object absolute emergency.

Here I advise you to call your vet as a matter of urgency so that he can give you a Instructions can give how you can remove the foreign body yourself. In this special case, you often don’t have time to drive to the clinic yourself. Every minute counts here.

2. Eaten and swallowed too quickly

Dogs are slingers. It often happens that food eaten too quickly gets stuck in the throat. The formation of mucus is a protective mechanism of the dog’s body. This makes it easier for the dog to choke out what has been swallowed. Some dogs vomit afterwards.


If your dog regularly chokes while eating because it swallows too quickly, I recommend an anti-slurping bowl.

3. Kennel Cough

Most dogs are against kennel cough vaccinated. Unfortunately, this vaccine does not offer 100% protection either.

Warning: kennel cough is highly contagious and if you suspect it, you should immediately stop any contact with other dogs and dog owners.

Dogs with kennel cough have a dry cough and often vomit white mucus.


If you want to go to the vet, please make an appointment beforehand and tell him about your suspicion of kennel cough. In this way you prevent any infections in other practice visitors.

Any contact with other dogs should NOT be allowed for at least 14 days.

4. Inflammation or infection

inflammation and infections in the pharynx or the respiratory tract often have the accompanying symptoms of coughing and choking white phlegm.

The irritation of the respiratory tract results in increased mucus formation. Your dog is now trying to get rid of this by gagging and coughing.

5. Gastrointestinal diseases

If your dog suffers from a gastrointestinal disease, not only diarrhea is a symptom, but also the slow regurgitation of white mucus.

6. Upset stomach or stomach acid

Another reason your dog is coughing and vomiting white foam can be an upset or acidic stomach.

Maybe your dog just ate something wrong, leading to irritation of the stomach lining.

However, certain medications, a food intolerance or stress can also trigger hyperacidity in the stomach.

What can I do for my dog?

Please try to remain calm and avoid panic. The calm will transfer to your dog.

If you’re worried that your dog has choked on something and can’t get rid of it himself, then please visit an emergency clinic near you immediately.

If you don’t feel it is an acute emergency or illness, watch your dog.

If you have an upset stomach, a nutritious bland diet is recommended.

When should I go to the vet?

If your dog rarely coughs and chokes on white mucus, this is not a reason for a visit to the vet. Often something mundane, like eating grass, is a trigger.

However, if this happens regularly and you have the feeling that your dog is not fit or even has a fever, a visit to the veterinarian is advisable.

If your dog is coughing and retching white mucus but is alert, take a look at their diet. There is often a small intolerance that you can counteract with a change of feed or diet.


Dogs cough and choke up white phlegm quite often. Especially when everywhere that fresh grass sprouts, which the dogs like to eat as a small snack.

However, if you suspect that your dog is seriously ill or has even swallowed a foreign object, it is better to consult your veterinarian.

Do you also have a strangler at home? Leave us a comment, we look forward to seeing you!