Does your dog squeak all the time? 5 causes & 2 solutions

Your dog keeps cheeping and you don’t understand what he wants to tell you?

I know this myself, constant beeping is extremely exhausting and annoying. There can be various causes for the beeping, such as restlessness or physical problems.

In this article I will show you what could be the cause of the beeping and how you can solve the problem.

In a nutshell – why your dog keeps squeaking

Squeaking is a communication from your dog. If your dog keeps squeaking, he’s trying to let you know something is wrong.

In order to figure out what your dog is trying to tell you, it’s important to understand the situation. This behavior can usually be trained.

If you want to better understand and interpret your dog’s behavior, I recommend taking a look at the dog training bible. There the squeaking and other sounds of dogs are explained in detail.

Why do dogs squeak? – these are possible causes

Dogs communicate with us in different ways. In addition to body language, dogs also use spoken language such as squeaking, whimpering, howling, growling or crying to communicate.

If your dog says this, then he has something to say to you. But why is your dog squeaking? A squeak is usually a signal that your dog doesn’t like the current situation.

watch him Does he feel unwell? Is he stressed? Or is he scared and in poor health? One of my dogs used to squeak all the time when he wanted his ball.

Possible causes can be:

  • Your dog is in pain
  • Your dog is stressed
  • Genetically conditioned
  • Your dog wants attention
  • your dog is dreaming

Your dog is in pain

If your dog has only been squeaking constantly for a while, it is advisable to investigate the cause. Many dogs don’t show it when they’re in pain, or they squeak constantly.

watch your dog Do you notice a change? Has his posture changed? Is he eating less or having less energy? I once had a dog with poisoning and wheezing was the beginning of the symptoms.

If you can rule out pain, it’s time to investigate the cause.

Your dog is stressed

When dogs are stressed, they often react by whimpering, whimpering, howling or crying. Psychological stress can have many possible factors:

Your dog is an intact male and there is a female in heat in the area

This can lead to enormous stress. The libido should not be underestimated! If possible, avoid the area with the bitch in heat.

If you want to learn more about stressed dogs, I recommend my guide on: Calming down a stressed dog.

If your dog is suffering from enormous stress from bitches in heat, a dose of homeopathic remedies for dogs often helps.

your dog is scared

Does your dog tend to squeak in new surroundings or in unfamiliar situations? Try to find out what the trigger is and practice this situation to get used to it.

Is your puppy whimpering?

Puppies often squeak in unfamiliar situations. Lead your puppy to new things with lots of love and patience and show him everything.

If your puppy is squeaking because he feels alone, a few loving strokes will usually help.

My tip: Use the squeaking to train your housebreaking

When your little pup squeaks, it’s often a sign that he needs to detach himself. Put your arm around him and take him outside quickly. If he comes off, give him lots of praise because he did a great job!

Mental illness

Dogs can suffer from depression and dementia. With the squeaking, they express that something is wrong. watch your dog The behavior of a dog with a mental illness changes.


There are dog breeds with a very high drive. These dogs have a high base of tension and often use squeaking, yelping and crying as an outlet to release their tension, but also to release more tension.

These dogs are very suitable for sports and love work.

Good to know:

Herding and guard dogs increasingly communicate by barking. Hunting dogs, on the other hand, cheep

Your dog wants attention

Who does not know it? You have something tasty in your hand, your dog looks at you and squeaks. In concrete terms, this means that your dog wants what you have. And now.

Dogs are masters at fooling and fooling around. Once your dog has successfully reached its destination with squeaking, it will try again. Only this time you saw through him.

Now the only thing that helps is consistency on your part, even when things get tough.

your dog is dreaming

Does your dog squeak at night? Then he processes an exciting day in his dream. A loving caresser often helps here and everything is fine again.

My tip: Keep a fieps diary

watch your dog And you. Write down the situation in which your dog squeaks each time. After a few days you evaluate. By observing closely, you will find out which factors or circumstances are the triggers.

If you know the trigger – the problem is already half solved.

How can I stop my dog ​​from squeaking?

If your dog squeaks in situations that make him uncomfortable, slowly and carefully introduce him to it.

Sometimes just increasing the distance is enough to get your dog back into his comfort zone.

Always reward your dog exactly when he is calm and composed.

Consistency is the be-all and end-all

stay calm Train regularly and reward at the right time. Positive reinforcement is also a good thing.

A clicker is very suitable for precise confirmation.

Diversify your life

Challenge your dog, but don’t overwhelm him. Bring variety into your life and try something new. For example, most dogs love nose work like hidden object games.

This teaches your dog that he doesn’t have to be demanding because he’s bored, but that you offer him cool things.


You have observed your dog and now you know the triggers for the constant squeaking.

Every dog ​​is different and needs an individual solution.

If you can rule out health problems, now is the right time to start training.

Remember: Calmness and consistency as well as the right timing in your confirmation are the most important.

If you’re dying to take a shortcut and need more helpful tips, I’d happily recommend this dog training bible.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or feedback? Then leave us a comment!