Does your dog not rest? 6 reasons & 5 solutions

Your dog won’t calm down and you don’t know how to help him?

This can be very stressful for both of you.

It is very important that your four-legged friend can also relax. An unbalanced dog can be quite dangerous.

He tends to have a higher potential for aggression, but can also show depressive behavior.

We’ll help you understand why your furry friend won’t calm down and how you can support it.

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In a nutshell: Why won’t my dog ​​rest?

Are you wondering why your dog just won’t rest? External influences may be responsible, such as a hectic environment or people who goad your dog. However, external stimuli do not always have to be the trigger for unrest.

Your dog may not accept his place in the pack. Then it is very important that you set clear boundaries and stick to them.

Begging for attention can also make your four-legged friend seem hyper. So don’t always give him affection right away when he insists on it. You decide when to play and cuddle.

If you are too inconsistent, it is also possible that your furry friend is dancing on your nose and is constantly scratching up.

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6 reasons for this behavior

external influences

It may be that your loved one is so restless because something around them is rousing them.

If it’s very loud or there are a lot of people together, it can make your furry friend nervous. It also doesn’t make sense to play with your dog all the time, because that also stirs him up.

Your four-legged friend does not accept his place in the pack

Another reason for your dog’s rush can also be that he doesn’t accept you as the pack leader. With his fidgety and demanding behavior, he wants to present himself as the dominant part in the dog-human relationship.

Your dog wants attention

When your furry friend is bored or just doesn’t feel like the center of attention, does he get obnoxious?

The reason for this could be that he is vying for your attention and wants to get it by any means necessary.

Lack of consequence of the owner

Your darling will notice immediately if you want to set limits, but then don’t follow them consistently. He bothers and annoys you until you give in.

So he tries to circumvent rules that just don’t suit him. If you also give in to his hectic behavior, your pet will learn, as it can override prohibitions and orders.

Your dog never learned to relax

Like children, a dog must be taught to be calm.

If he never learned to relax, he will be constantly electrified.

It is best to think about how you can teach your puppy to be calm. The earlier they learn it, the more relaxed it will be later in the dog’s life.

Attention danger!

A reason for a constantly nervous dog can also be due to the thyroid gland. Therefore, if you are unsure, it is better to consult a doctor.

He has to

A very banal reason could be that your companion is pressing an errand.

Over time you will recognize the rhythm that your darling needs and you will notice very quickly when he has to go.

Good to know:

Most dogs become even more overexcited the more tired they are. So hoping that your pet will eventually tire on its own is the wrong approach.

Dog does not come to rest – possible solutions

There are many different reasons why your dog can’t relax. Therefore, it is first important to understand why he is so busy.

Only then can you try to help your four-legged friend with the right solutions.

In order to calm an overexcited dog, it’s important that you exude calm yourself. This allows you to protect your darling from unnecessary stressful situations.

Below we show you solutions on how to relax your furry friend.

Ignore your four-legged friend

Just because your furry friend really wants to play or cuddle doesn’t mean that you have to go along with it.

You can always fetch him to pet him, but not if he forces you to.

It works best if you put in cuddles every day. Then just take the time to cuddle extensively with your darling, to scratch and love him.

That way he gets the affection he needs, just when you say so.

Show your four-legged friend boundaries

In this context, the borders are to be understood as real ones. For example, if you are expecting visitors, put a light leash on your nervous dog and let him “sit”. In this way you prevent unnecessary jumping and romping around.

When you then move into the seats with your visitor, take your pet with you without a word. Allow it to “make room” next to you and limit it by standing with your foot on the leash.

This will keep your dog locked in and teaches you to stay with you and be calm.

Keep your dog mentally fit

It is not only important that you exercise your companion physically, but also mentally.

Because of boredom, it is possible that your fur nose seems overexcited.

Teach your dog to relax

Even dogs need to learn how to calm down.

This works if you simply ignore your dog’s freaks out at the beginning. Even if it seems difficult, this is the best way to stop him from misbehaving.

Then, when he calms down, reward his calm demeanor.

Something to chew

Many dogs will calm down when they have something to chew on. For example a stick or a chew toy.

If you want to use this solution in the long term, a so-called “Kong toy” is also suitable.


It can be very dangerous for you and your dog if they can’t calm down.

So ask yourself how do I get a relaxed dog.

Through the solutions presented here, we want to help you find a method to answer this question.

If you need more tips, check out our dog training bible.

So you can soon enjoy peace and relaxation with your four-legged friend.