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Soul mates or coincidences? 5 myths you should stop believing.

You may have found that person with whom you share a thousand interests, but is he the only one in the world?
Surely in this new year you asked for love or to meet your ideal partner… Maybe we are married to the fact that somewhere in the world, our soulmate existsa person who shares our tastes and who will make our days something magical…

If so, we have to tell you that you are making a big mistake by idealizing the person and above all, to love. It is important to keep in mind that you can have a person with many defects by your side and love them without any problem, they say that love is accepting without conditions.

To begin with, there is not only one person in the world for us. That belief in soul mates and thinking that maybe fate will make you meet her at some point in your life, is close yourself to thousands of possibilities. If you want to maintain the concept of «soulmate» you must recognize it as a person capable of complementing you for a certain period of time, if they end or leave, surely there will be someone else who gives you that feeling.

Two. relationships are not easy, the fact that you have found a person with whom you can make and unmake the world, does not imply that they do not have fights. There is no perfect relationship and that does not mean that they are not a solid relationship either. Three. This myth is the most important: your happiness does not depend on anyone and once you understand that, nothing will affect you that much emotionally.

Four. They don’t need to like the same things To be «soul mates», there are couples who get along amazingly and are polar opposites. The good thing about having different interests is that you can enjoy time alone and keep the relationship from burning out.

Five. No one will fully understand youIt is false that your ideal person knows everything about you the first moment he saw you. The worst thing one can do as a couple is assume things, so if you are with that person with whom you love to share life, worry about knowing him and knowing him without guessing. The success of a relationship is communication.

Is your partner what is known as a «soul mate» or is it a beautiful coincidence of life?

Taken from SDPNoticias