Does Sara Corrales show off her new boyfriend on Instagram?

Sara Corrales shows off her boyfriend in networks (or who would be her new boyfriend). Her fans have already congratulated her, because the guy is as she wants.

Since she settled in Mexico, this former protagonist of a novel dedicated herself to working on her figure in a very demanding way, until she became an Amazon: a woman with very marked muscles.

Sara Corrales shows off her boyfriend with this photo

At the beginning of the quarantine (April 2020) he had revealed what he thought of having a boyfriend in response to the question about his singleness that one of his fans asked the tool «ask me something» on Intagram.

“Until today I have not met that man that I dream of. So I’d rather be alone than with someone who doesn’t meet my expectations. We don’t need a man to be happy, do we?

The actress responded.

However, apparently he could not avoid Cupid’s arrow and would finally have officially presented his new love through a photo, or so his followers believe.

In the image, where it is evident that she is in the United States, she is seen in the arms of a very handsome man, but whose name does not appear anywhere in the post.

The followers of the Colombian could not avoid adding two plus two and deducing that it would be a lover. She did not openly confirm it, she only expressed that she had been “a perfect weekend”.

“What a father that you are in love, gorgeous!”

«She has the face of a good human being, Sarita.»

“The loveshhhhh!!”

were some of the comments.

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