Does our RCN house go off the air? What happened?

Apparently, the morning program of Canal RCN Our house will stop broadcasting. They say that the rating did not give them more.

This morning show was the file of the RCN Channel to compete against Day to dayfrom Canal Caracol and emerged as a replacement for Breakfast. The program had many changes these months in search of a better rating.

After the departure of Yaneth Waldman and Juan Diego Vanegas, a name change, the entry of Silvia Corzo and Diana Mina (who later also left), the program says goodbye. What did Lalinde say?

This is how Iván Lalinde said goodbye to Our house

Iván Lalinde was in charge of putting this show on his shoulders every morning, that’s why he decided to break the silence after the news of the end of the program was leaked; he did it through his stories on Instagram.

«All good, remember that this is the year of detachment (…) one cannot become attached to anything, guys.»


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