Does Ana Sofía Henao have children?

Many wonder if Ana Sofía Henao has children and the answer was confirmed on the model’s Instagram, by a photo she published of her first daughter named Candelaria.

A few months ago the model announced that she and her husband, Juan Pablo Betancur, were going to be parents. Since then, her followers have been very aware of her pregnancy and before giving birth she uploaded a photo in which she said that the birth of his daughter was going to be the best blind date.

Both Ana Sofía and Juan Pablo wanted to share their daughter’s first photo on Instagram. The difference was Juan Pablo decided to write about the photo: hello world. Look at the photos:

Hello candelaria you are beautiful !!!??“, “Is she the most beautiful girl?“, “God bless your princess Enjoy this beautiful and new stage in your lives. ?“, “Welcome candelaria blessings congratulations to the daddies?» Y » What a cute name!!!!“Were some of the comments.

Candelaria was not the only one born in December. In this month the son of Jorge Enrique Abello and that of Daniela Donado was also born. Tell us if the girl seemed as cute as we did and she shares this note with your friends and family so they can get to know her.

With information from: Instagram