Do you want to have sensual curves? Beyoncé tells you how

Beyonce She is an exuberant woman who, in addition to having an incredible voice, is admired by men and women thanks to her incredible curves, that is why both her voice and her figure have taken her to the top of success, which is why she has been able to participate in Endless scenarios of world importance.

Beyonce he went on a vegan diet to detoxify his body. However it only lasted 22 days in her because, in general, she refuses to go on a diet. The only time she did one was to get her role in the movie. ‘Dreamgirls’. On that occasion he submitted to the call ‘Master Cleanse’, a dangerous diet with which he lost 9 kilos; the same singer has recognized that there are healthier ways to lose weight.

Bass 25 kilos in 3 months after having given birth but she is not proud of it, she says it was a mistake and she will not submit to that pressure again. «I got on a treadmill and dedicated myself to eating lettuce,» recognize.

If you are frustrated with your body and a flat butt shape and have always wanted to have well rounded curves like Beyonce, It is not as complicated as you think, it is simply to follow some practical tips to achieve a big, round and very sexy butt.

This is the routine of the singer Beyoncé:

*The exercise routine that follows is the ‘Power Moves’of Mark Borges, which is considered ideal for women with a busy schedule due to its philosophy: Do exercises that work different muscles at the same time.

*Knees, elbows, hips and shoulders are exercised, four important joints of the body thanks to 45-minute sessions of cardio, 30 minute endurance 15 minutes of power and 10 minutes of strengththe artist manages to maintain her stylized figure.

Source: Twentysomething

Would you practice Beyoncé’s routine?