Do you remember the Popstars? This is how its members are today

When the group «Popstars» came to light, it was a sensation and achieved a large number of record sales.

However, after a while its members took different paths, although some are still related to the media and the world of music. On the contrary, there are others about which very little is known, here we tell you what the members of this group are doing today that seemed to be a worldwide phenomenon.

Carolina Gaitan

Carolina Gaitán is one of the members who has maintained her career in the media world. Although she did not dedicate herself fully to music, she has starred in several novels and series such as «Without breasts, there is paradise.»

Laura Mayolo

Laura Mayolo took her musical career to another level, she is recognized for belonging to the Mojito Lite group with which she has achieved great triumphs and recognition.

Natalia Bedoya

Although Natalia Bedoya is no longer dedicated to television, she focused her career on the theater where she also takes the opportunity to sing. In addition to emerging as one of the best composers and directors of scenic art.

Isabel Mosquera

Isa Mosquera was the youngest of the group and although for a time she participated in several soap operas. For now, she is dedicated to the radio and alternates her role as presenter.

vanessa noriega

Vanessa Noriega disappeared from the world of cameras and stages. However, during an interview she recently assured that she had dedicated herself to finances and bank-related issues. She is the only one whose condition is currently unknown.

Did you remember the members of “Popstars”? Did you dance and sing their songs?

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