Do you remember Oscar Naranjo? He stopped being gay!

The controversial Oscar participant of the reality show «Protagonistas de Novela» reappeared in the media, but this time it was NOT to make a new scandal.

The man that we all knew unstable and conflictive was seen more serious and focused in a video shared on his YouTube channel.

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As he himself says at the beginning of the video, many people talk about the miracle, but few tell the full story and his is simply heartbreaking.

Orange tree He confessed that since he was a child he felt inclined towards people of the same sex. «I gave the children cookies, soft drinks, I leaned more towards the masculine side (…) the girls disgusted me»he expressed.

When he arrived at «Protagonistas» he saw a door full of opportunities that the world showed him

He also revealed that he lost his virginity in Medellín. “I went to a brothel in Medellín, and I had sex with a man, in many ways”leaving him with terrible consequences of his attraction to sex with men, going through many fights and attacks until ‘God gave him the victory’. «God gave me the victory from the moment I began to feel attracted to a woman who changed my life.»

Watch the video of his testimony and tell us your opinion of this case, very similar to Nerú’s…

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This was what Nerú said at the time about the change in his sexual condition…