Do you prefer a mature or immature man?

We mature faster than men says a study, but we ask you how you prefer a man, mature or immature?

But the truth is, if you think that a man is mature because of his age, you are wrong, you know that a man is mature because of the way he acts in life, especially with you, and that his zodiac sign can also influence.

Do you not know if your man is mature or immature? Or do you not know what kind of man suits you best?Here are some differences:

1. immature menThey always expect to receive more from their partner than to give. mature men They prefer to give, before receiving, but they like balance, so they will look for a partner that corresponds to them in the same measure.

two. immature men They switch partners like socks and brag about how many women they’ve dated. mature menThey are looking for a partner to share the privilege of love, and they know that it is for men to love a single woman in a thousand ways, than to have a thousand women, quality before quantity.

3. immature men They want to control how you dress, how you dress and who you talk to. men matures, they respect your style, they love that you dress up, they feel confident about you and they love to show you off to others.

Four. immature men they will not want you to grow professionally. mature men They will help and support you to improve yourself day by day.

5. immature men they cannot be alone, they always seek the company of their friends or «someone». mature men They take advantage of their time alone to reflect or dedicate themselves to something they like.

6. immature men they drink without control, and there is no weekend that they miss with their friends. mature men they know their limits, and prefer to plan a quiet weekend by your side.

7. immature men they live too much in the moment, so they are easier to fall into temptation. mature men they know that they prefer what they love before having a good time.

8. immature men they lament their life, their bad luck, and do nothing about it. mature men They are persevering and know that a fall is nothing more than a reason to gain more momentum and fight for what they want.

9. immature men they become obsessive with their partners, they feel that they belong to them, and they use any resource to have women by their side. mature men they are self-confident and know that love is freedom.

10. immature men they will become dependent on their parents, especially on the mother, becoming the son of the mother. mature men they know they must become independent and start living their lives on their own.

eleven. immature men they will never apologize for their bad actions or for what they said without thinking, they will blame others. mature men they think before speaking, they know how to admit when they have been wrong and they recognize that asking for forgiveness and taking responsibility for the consequences is not synonymous with weakness but with maturity.

12. immature men They put their pride first. mature men they know when pride can take them away from what they most want, and they know how to push it aside.

Taken from ModadeChicas