Do you need party makeup? Do it like this

Party makeup should last all night, so it can’t be the same as what you wear every day. Here’s how to apply it…

When we go out to a party we know that we are going to dance and maybe drink, that’s why we need our face remains perfect with the passing of the hours, perhaps until dawn.

How to do a party makeup?

Here we show you the Step by Step so that the makeup you choose for the night you’re going out doesn’t smudge and you don’t have to touch it up so often…

  1. Make up in layers, letting each product dry very well between each application.
  2. Choose a long-lasting foundation.
  3. Use a contour palette to deeply define your features using highlights and shadows.
  4. She prefers liquid eyeliner to eye pencil.
  5. Use gel or liquid shadows, which last longer; If you don’t have one, moisten the brush a little before applying makeup.
  6. With a mineral highlighter, lightly tap on your chin, cheeks and tip of the nose.
  7. Finish all your makeup with a fixative to prevent it from running.

In addition, we share some night makeup options with which you will be the life of the party

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With information from: bydie