Do you like to chew gum? These sneakers are for you!

Would you be able to put these sneakers on your feet? After knowing what they are made of, let’s talk!

One of the most annoying things that can happen to us in life is that we get a piece of gum on our shoe, has it happened to you? Most likely, yes, because – incredible as it may seem – around the world some 19 billion US dollars are spent on this candy, according to statistics published by the BBC, and many of those gums end up under the seats of the cinemas and the sidewalks of our cities. That is why some designers began to pick them up from the street, recycle them and make things with them like bins, small containers and now… Tennis!

The Gumshoe Amsterdam brand does all this work, and the result is some eco-friendly sneakers in pink and black with red, made from chewing gum; They explain on their website that with 10 kilos of chewing gum you can make 4 sneakers; each pair has a market price of 200 dollars, about.

“By buying these sneakers you contribute to finding a solution. By using them you show your support”, they write on their website.

Would you be able to put on tennis shoes made of this material? Write what you think in the comments of this note.

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With information from: Gumshoe Amsterdam, BBC and Vix