Do you know why Candela Estéreo is number 1 on the radio?

Chief William Vinasco, announcer, narrator and president of our company Radiopolis, granted an interview to the newspaper El Espectador to explain the reasons for the success of Candela Estéreo 101.9 FM, which for the last eight years has been the number one station in Bogotá and has now reached the record figure of one million listeners in the capital.

What does it mean for you that Candela is the number one radio station in Bogotá?

Satisfaction and pride. In Colombia we have a very advanced radio and we are facing networks that are very powerful in terms of resources and ideas. Getting first place for eight years in a row is the result of dedication, effort, initiative and creativity.

What responsibility does this represent?

Day by day we try to form social commitment. We generate citizen awareness, we entertain listeners with healthy humor, we keep them informed and we deliver Colombian music.

How do you define the growth that the Radiopolis chain has had?

It has been a gradual work. We started by researching, copying some formats and finally decided to break the mold and specialize. We decided to mix the hits from different musical genres and add information and humor.

What differentiates Radiopolis from other Colombian radio networks?

The creativity and originality that seeks to reach families. We are very ingenious and that is where our success lies.

What is Radiopolis pointing to in the future?

We are working on the BTL, which is the positioning of the brand in different neighborhoods. We are moving to the Internet and in the short term we want to combine the radio signal with the television image.

Why unite radio with television?

People like to see what we do. In the new Candela studios we put cameras so that people can interact with us.

Would this union break with the magic of the radio that makes the listener imagine the stories he hears?

That has been a risk. But listeners like to identify who is speaking to familiarize themselves with their image. It is an international idea that has reached Colombia and is being implemented.

How was your first radio address?

The father of the school took me to a Jesuit radio station, where we broadcast parish announcements. There I got to know the trade and then I joined Radio Tequendama de Todelar, where I climbed until I reached the managerial field.

What is the best thing about doing radio?

It is satisfying that one can be company for people and give them fun. Even if it involves sacrifices, I feel happy every time I have a microphone in front of me.

And what he likes least about the radio.

The sad news that must be transmitted.

What is missing from Colombian radio?

Maybe it needs a bit of originality.

Where does your passion for being a football announcer come from?

It was chance. He was a commercial announcer for Todelar and on one occasion Hernán Peláez told me that he had to be prepared, because the narrator of the match could not be there; From then on I liked him.

What is the most difficult thing about narrating football?

I think it is the most demanding part of the voiceover, because it involves memorizing the players and having a complete vocabulary. It requires being exact, emotional, measured, fair and taking care of the voice. It is an exercise that matures over the years.

How do you take care of your voice?

I don’t smoke or drink. I rest well and go to a singing teacher. Everything you do off the mic, you pay for on the mic.

A game that he has narrated and that is unforgettable
The 1-1 of Colombia-Germany, in the World Cup in Italy. Because it was a goal by Rincón in the 47th minute of the second half with which we were able to advance to the next round. In addition, Germany was the champion on that occasion and above all because I was lucky enough to transmit that moment to the Colombians.

Would it be launched again to the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá?

I am seduced by politics because I know many cities and I consider that we still have a lot to build in Bogotá. That’s why I tried it. At this moment my stations appear well ranked and I feel that my presence here is necessary. However, I wouldn’t rule it out for later.

What station did you listen to as a child?

Todelar. I liked soap operas and sports broadcasts. In an old radio of my father I also listened to stations from abroad.

Apart from the radio, what else are you passionate about?

Sport and family travel.

A recommended destination: Barcelona and Buenos Aires, where I studied and got married

Posted by El Espectador, Bogotá April 23, 2014