Do you know why add vinegar to clothes? These are the reasons

We tell you why add vinegar to clothes, because it is a trick that brings multiple benefits to your home.

Washing clothes is one of the fixed tasks that everyone has to do periodically at home, and for this we use several products. Can you imagine using a natural and cheap one? white vinegar.

It does not replace the ones you already know, but this substance, which we normally use to flavor vegetables such as lettuce and spinach, It has uses for washing that you did not know.

Why add vinegar to clothes?

Vinegar is a liquid that comes from the acetic fermentation of alcohol. Although it is mostly water, it contains a concentration of acetic acid ranging from 3% to 5% and small amounts of tartaric and citric acids.

Add half a cup to the last wash cycle to:

  • Eliminate the smell of cigarettes impregnated in the garments
  • Keep the color black
  • It is ideal as a fabric softener
  • Enhances the natural shine of white clothes
  • Helps remove specks from clothes
  • Clean the drum of your washing machine

Apply directly to:

  • Clean the metal resistance of your iron
  • Get rid of deodorant stains on shirts and t-shirts
  • Helps remove tough stains before washing

And it is that vinegar has multiple uses, from improving your beauty to as an effective home remedy to lose weight.

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With information from: The spruce