Do you know what it is and how to do sexting?

Sexting consists of sending content of the type erotic generally produced by the sender himself to the partner through mobile phones.

Whether you want to give your sex life a boost or you are looking for ways to surprise your partner, or you are just curious about whether or not you would be good at writing erotic messages, but watch out! it is not to put into practice with everyone.

1. The first message

If you have never done this sexting thing, we must start with subtle phrases to put our partner on notice of what is about to happen (imagine if they start with an awkward phrase that jumps on the screen of their cell phone in the middle of the meeting…).

Now, subtle doesn’t mean she’s not sexy, they could first ask her what she’s doing (to test the waters) and then follow up with “I’m thinking about all the things I want to do to you tonight”. They already have your full attention.

If he is in the mood and on the same channel as you, it will give you the opportunity for the conversation to continue along that path.

2. Be yourself

This sexting thing isn’t for everyone, but you won’t know until you try it (there are girls who don’t feel comfortable writing erotic stuff and that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that). To find out if you are given this erotic message, check your language when you write.

For it to be natural, it should sound just like you speak, so that when I’m reading them I find your voice in every word. Don’t use far-fetched phrases or phrases copied from porn movies, tell him exactly what you feel, what you want to do to him and ask him to do to you…

3. Use images

If you don’t feel comfortable describing something or using certain words (like lick, saliva, penis…) the experts suggest using common synonyms and supporting us using images. Men are much more visual than us, so you can perfectly include a photo of your cleavage, a piece of your underwear, or whatever your imagination suggests. Be careful to delete these images later and ask your partner to do it too, and preferably do not send very revealing photos, because they reach other hands or other eyes.

4. Tell him how you feel

Are you excited about the message he sent you? Tell her. It will be very sexy for him to know that his words are paying off. In addition, you can take advantage of this space to ask him for things that you do not dare to say to him face to face, fantasies that can give you a little pain, or suggest positions or movements that you would like him to try when you are together.

5. Praise Him

Men (just like us) like to know that what they are doing sexually is okay. The messages are a good way to reinforce his ego, if you tell him «last night was incredible, I can’t wait for you to be home to repeat it» you are achieving 2 things: reinforcing his self-esteem and putting him in the horny mood for when they see each other.
You can also start a steamy chat by describing what you liked most about your last encounter, or by telling him that you really like something in particular that he enjoys doing.

6. Be patient

If he has already seen the message and has not replied, do not write another immediately. Give each message time, rest assured that if he is in the same mood as you, he will answer as soon as he can.

And girls, no happy faces… leave the emoticons for other types of messages. Enjoy it, laugh, have fun… the idea behind sexting is to have a flirty and horny moment with your partner. If you don’t feel very comfortable doing it, don’t force things.

Source: AttitudFem