Do you know the Minions of the fashion world?

The yellow fever of the Minions also spread to the fashion world. Do not miss the great fashion figures turned into Minion.

The German portal Stylight created the select club of Minions fashionistas, minionists. Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and even Alexa Chung are among those selected. Do not miss the fun transformations of the most adorable mini geeks.

After starring in both Despicable Me movies, the Minions release their own movie and touch the hearts of the world with their innocent and funny way of looking at life. The highest grossing movie in history has not left the world of fashion indifferent.

designers like Giles Deacon, Rupert Sanderson either Pier Atkinson have designed a capsule collection in collaboration with the firm SJYP. In addition, Vogue Uk magazine created a «fake» cover with a Minion. The unthinkable!

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But the influence of Minions it goes much further, there is even color Yellow Minion in Pantone, a shade that we should not lose sight of in future seasons because it will surely end up being a trend. Can you imagine Anna Wintour talking to the stylists in her magazine about this color?

The madness has reached unsuspected limits. Beckham has gotten one tattooed, and fashion guru Suzy Menkes shot a mockumentary in which she claimed that «all fashionistas they know and love them.”

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Finally, here is the trailer for his latest film. Haven’t you seen it yet?

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