Do you already have your gladiator sandals?

Also called multi-strap sandals, gladiator sandals will be taking this short Easter break.

We saw them on the catwalk back in 2012 at the hands of Michael Kors and they have timidly appeared as an accessory in parades that predicted the seventies trend, such as Roberto Cavalli or Versace. But it is now, when the planets have allied themselves and many of the great designers have looked in the same direction: Roman sandals have arrived and are here to stay.

As in a mythological narrative, Laura and Kate Mulleavy, creators of Rodarte, have been seduced by the songs of sirens. These fascinating and beautiful beings have been the protagonists of part of the spring-summer collection in which the dresses reflected the brightness of the water and the curvilinear shapes of their outfits emulated those of seaweed. As a climax, some sandals that were entangled in his legs in a divine metaphorunleashed the ‘trend-alert’.

Learn how these gladiator sandals should be combined:

Taken from Vogue