Do not criticize your children! These are the compelling reasons

We tell you that there are many reasons why don’t criticize your children. You’ve done it? Calm down, it happens to all of us in parenting.

If they ask you whether or not you criticize your little ones, you will surely say no, never, that you don’t do that; however, after a little reflection you may recognize that you have done it, even if it is unconsciously.

5 reasons not to criticize your children

Experts in upbringing and psychopedagogy drew up a list of reasons why you should ban criticism from your parenting strategy; In addition, they give you some solutions and alternatives.

1. You damage the mother-child relationship

If the only way you have to correct your little one is through constant criticism, over time he will be filled with resentment against you and will begin to always act defensively against any approach from you.

When you go to correct some behavior, focus on the behavior itself and not on your son or daughter, that is, what he did is not right, but that does not mean that he is a bad child.

2. You lower their self-esteem

The world is a hostile place, we know that, and many times you try to teach them that so that later they don’t suffer what you surely had to suffer. The problem is that constant criticism can destroy your self-esteem.

The truth is that high self-esteem is the best strength a person can have in a difficult world, because with it your children will be resilient adults, who will believe in themselves and fight for their dreams despite the difficulties.

3. You transmit your fears and anxieties

Unlike the previous points, the effects of anxiety and fear in a child can be easily seen in their everyday behavior:

  • Has trouble relating to other children
  • Frequently have nightmares and/or night terrors
  • Is too insecure and fearful for irrational reasons
  • Has poor school performance

When you have to correct him, think about whether you are really transmitting something important to his life or if you are just venting your fears and anxieties with him, because he will absorb them like a sponge.

4. You teach him to be negative

You know those people who always see the glass as half empty instead of half full? It’s because from a young age at home they were taught to be negative, to always expect the worst for themselves and others.

We know that we have to be realistic and that excess optimism can also be toxic, but if they grow up being negative they will be distrustful, misconceived adolescents and adults and their character will change even with you.

5. The most important reason not to criticize your children: You will lose authority

As happens with the chant, the constant criticism makes your words no longer have weight or value and the boy or girl may end up systematically ignoring them.

When you have something to correct your child, be specific, do not expand or dilate in words; choose your battles, that criticism is CONSTRUCTIVE, that does not seem like criticism but advice.

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