DNA test for dogs costs: All prices explained! (Counselor)

That it we humans have DNA testsyou know at least from various crime series or talk shows.

But there are such DNA tests also for our fur nosesin fact for a variety of reasons.

What about a DNA test in dogs has on itself and which DNA test costs approach you? You will find out now.

In a nutshell: What are the total costs for a DNA test on dogs?

The total cost of a dog DNA test is: €50 to €200.

The costs settle from the type of DNA test and its scope together.

In addition, any Follow-up costs for a blood count arise when diseases confirmed Need to become.

The DNA test costs at the vet lay between €23.52 and €70.56.

What types of DNA tests are there and how much do they cost?

DNA test is not just DNA test. And so there is different types of these tests in dogs, which therefore also cost accordingly.

We now explain to you what DNA tests that are and how expensive they fail.

DNA test to detect hereditary diseases

Fortunately is not every dog ​​breed of a variety hereditary diseases affected.

A genetic testto rule this out, but will usually performed by all reputable breeders.

Because only like that can be ruled outthat these Diseases are passed from parents to young animals.

The cost of such a DNA test amounts to to 150 to 200 €. These depend on how complex the profile to be examined is.

To illustrate the Costs for different hereditary diseases in a table:

type of hereditary diseaseCostsProgressive Retinal Atrophy/PRA€79MDR1 defect€65 to €79Von Willebrand Syndrome€29 to €79Collie Eye Anomaly/CEAup to €169

DNA test to determine breed

One Breed determination by genetic testing usually done by the veterinarian. The costs also vary accordingly, here you should plan up to 100 €.

DNA test in mixed breed dogs

In and of itself, this DNA test is different not essential to the DNA test for determining breed.

Here, too, it should be found what breed or breeds of dog has. Because it is not always given that this are evident at first glance.

The costs are also included here about 100 €.

paternity test

Yes, even with dogs, some owners want to know which male has mated with your female.

So one must paternity test can be obtained. In order for this to be meaningful, it will genetic material from father, mother and offspring needed.

The DNA test dog costs for such a paternity test at around €149.

Genetic test to determine the coat structure

It may well be worthwhile Coat structure of a dog breed using a DNA test to determine – especially when a Person allergic to dog hair reacted.

Depending on Scope and provider of the test amount to the Costs to 49 € and more.

Good to know

The trigger for the reaction wrongly called dog allergy, that is Can F1 protein.

Genetic test for dogs at home

Such a genetic test for the dog must not always at the vet be performed. You can do it too on their own perform, it works roughly like a PCR test.

So are those Genetic test dog costs significantly lower. They are included about 50 €.

All that matters is that you sufficient genetic material available have for the test to work.

When is a DNA test useful for dogs?

When asked when a DNA test for dogs makes sense, there is actually only one answer. It makes sense if diseases should be ruled out.

Or just if the suspected hereditary disease exists and you as Holder fear the confirmation, but want to have it.

All other genetic tests for dogs are in themselves superfluous and become mostly done out of curiosity.

Because it is yes quite excitingto find out which dog breeds are involved in the development of, for example, your fur nose were. 😉

Does pet health insurance cover the cost of DNA testing for dogs?

The clear and unsatisfactory answer for you to this question is: No.

offers so far no animal health insurance to the Cover the cost of a dog DNA test.

So you have to for all genetic tests bear the costs themselves:

  • The vet costs for a DNA test on dogs
  • The vet costs for determining the breed of a dog

Also for any other canine DNA test you have to bear the costs.

Are you interested though nevertheless for offers of animal health insurancethat are not related to a genetic test?

For example on the topics of vaccination protection, medical check-ups and surgeries?

Then it works here to many exciting and interesting offers for your fur nose and of course you too.


The cost for one DNA test in dogs vary depending on the type and scope of the genetic test in the dog.

Do you lead this at home, the costs are lower than at the vet.

As a rule, you definitely have to come along Cost from 50 to 200 € rreckon still coming Follow-up examinations at the vet In addition, the costs are of course higher.

Then you should between €73.52 and €270.56 plan on.

Of course they can costs are significantly higher – but that depends which DNA test you think is necessary.

how about you Have you ever had a DNA test done on your dog? If so, why and what did it bring?

We would be happy if you share your experiences and important tips with us in the comments.