Diva Jessurum: With or without Photoshop?

Diva Jessurum Gets Eaten Alive Again For Bikini Photos, And Ask Her If She Minds!

A few weeks ago, the television presenter Diva Jessurum caused a stir on her social networks by sharing some images in a bikini, where she wore a stylized body; her followers criticized her for excessive use of Photoshop, however she defended herself and said that no type of retouching had been carried out, neither surgical nor in the photos.

Diva Jessurum is again in the eye of the hurricane because of some bikini photos, but this time not they criticize the use of Photoshop but on the contrary, they are too natural! Who understands people? Bad if yes, bad if no.

Diva Jessurum: With or without Photoshop? Look and compare…

Before the criticism and negative comments that always surround these types of images, Diva hastened to write on her Instagram account:

«If you have any negative comments about my posture, body, face or swimsuit, don’t say it, I’m not asking anyone anything. It is not rudeness on the contrary, I do not want rudeness or bad vibes.”

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What do you think? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it! Your friends will like to see in the comparison of the photos before and after Diva, in the studio and on the beach.

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