Diva Jessurum showed more for transparent body

The famous TV presenter Diva Jessurum showed more on her Instagram account by not realizing the transparency of her body.

Diva Jessurum is one of the most famous presenters on television Colombian; She specializes in entertainment and alternates her work with teaching, since she teaches presentation workshops for television. She also has a clothing store called The Diva Store.

His figure has been the subject of controversy, first for being significantly overweight and then for lose weight quickly, stating that he had not undergone any plastic surgery to achieve it. Also for constantly sharing scantily clad photos.

By transparent body, Diva Jessurum showed more

Precisely because of this situation, there could have been an oversight on the part of the barranquillera when sharing through her social networks a photograph in which she appears in a medium shot, wearing a black lace bodysuit.

Some of his followers zoomed in on the snapshot and indicated that in the lower left part a circle can be seen under the clothes, which it could be one of his “doorbells”. What do you think? Did it show more or is it an optical effect?

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