Diva Jessurum got her horns in front

The courtship between the renowned journalist and businessman Ricardo Leyva came to an end in 2016, neither more nor less when several rumors of infidelity began, what happened?

According to the magazine TV & Novelsthe businessman was unfaithful to his partner at the time, Diva Jessurum, presenter of the Snail Show. In addition, the radio journalist, Graciela Torres, commented on her program Pincantissimo, referring to the rumors that were already beginning to circulate in mid-2016.

“Leyva is justified by claiming that he no longer had any sentimental commitment to Diva, the day of the meeting at the Barranquilla nightclub and that he never asked her to marry him as she claims. He was free as a bird and did what he wanted. The truth is that there was no request for a hand or anything like that.”

Graciela told on the radio program.

However, the entertainment magazine rescued that, according to a source close to the couple, what was planned as the Colombian wedding of the year, unfortunately had resulted in the «joke of the year». Ricardo Leyva, who by then would be 60 years old, kissed a young woman in a well-known bar in the city of Barranquilla, right in front of Diva!

A very special day ?????????? pic.twitter.com/BNWemWS8XS

— Officer of JESSURUM! (@JESSURUM) July 18, 2016

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That was the night…

The presenter and journalist from Barranquilla was partying at the bar Moses, along with friends and family, as well as several vallenato artists, such as Los Hermanos Zuleta and some well-known radio hosts in the city. It was commented that Leyva entered the same bar, along with a group of friends and hand in hand with a girl, with whom she spent the whole night, completely ignoring Diva.

Without a doubt, the moment of greatest tension throughout the night was when Diva approached her partner’s table to greet him and clarify the situation, but apparently this was not what happened, as Jessurum left after a few minutes, returning with your friends and family.

Who did not seem to care much was the businessman who continued to party with his companion and kissed her in front of everyone.

Happy enjoying the charms of Cali pic.twitter.com/FCRa3sgeJh

— Officer of JESSURUM! (@JESSURUM) June 5, 2016

Canceled Wedding…

The relationship appeared to be very stable and there was talk of a possible wedding, as TV&Novelas confirmed that a spectacular secret marriage was being planned, which would be planned for the first week of December 2016, on the Colombian Caribbean coast, with all the the law.

The place where the event was going to take place was the Club Lagos de Caujaral, where there would be at least a thousand guests. There was also speculation about the presence of several national and international artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Carlos Vives and Silvestre Dangond, among others.

It is definitely a pity that such an event could not be held! What do you think happened? Tell us in the comments…