Distance love songs, express everything you feel!

We share a top of distance love songs, some performed by Vibra artists. A playlist that you will sing out loud.

There are many reasons why a couple in love has to be separated: from work and studies abroad to situations like the coronavirus pandemic.

Although now more than ever there are alternatives to stay in touch, such as video calls and chats, it will never be the same. A message will never beat a hugnot a talk to a kiss.

Music sometimes expresses all our feelings and songs to dedicate abound, if you have wondered what song can I dedicate to my boyfriend from a distance keep reading.

Top songs for long distance relationships

That is why we decided to make a compilation with the best songs for love at a distance. Dedicate them!

If you do not come back, by Miguel Bose. A desperate cry in the form of a song for your boyfriend from a distance

And every night a star will come
to keep me company
let me tell you how I am
and you know what there
tell me love, love, love
I’m here don’t you see
if you don’t come back there will be no life
I do not know what I’m going to do

Kilometres, from Without a flag. Infallible in the list of songs to dedicate at a distance

when we meet againby Carlos Vives and Marc Anthony

«When we meet again
I will not stop contemplating the dawn

first planeby Camilo Echeverry and Matisse, a novel bet among long-distance love songs

«Why don’t you come back today?
take the first plane
You don’t know how I am
dying of love»

Photographyby Juanes and Nelly Furtado

And in the distance I can see you
When your photos I sit down to see
And in the stars your eyes see
When your photos I sit down to see”

One yearby Sebastian Yatra and Reik

“A year may pass more than once
without being able to see you
But love is stronger
Maybe time will take us away again
without knowing where you are
But love is stronger

If you are not herefrom Rosana

«I do not want to be without you
If you are not here, I spare the air
I do not want to be like this
If you are not, people nobody does»

I send you flowersfrom Fonseca

I want to meet you in my dreams
that you lift me to kisses
No place is far to find us both
let me shake your hand
To have you by my side»

Even though I can not see youby Alex Ubago

«Today I miss you I just want to let you know, friend, wherever you are
That if you lack breath, I will give it to you
And if you feel alone, talk to me
That I’ll be listening to you even if I can’t see you
Even though I can not see you»

So far our top of long distance love songs. In addition to these, what others would you dedicate to someone you miss? Let us know them in the comments.

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