Disney characters, women who inspire

They are Disney characters, women that inspire and have been in charge of leaving behind the stereotype of the princess accompanied by her prince charming.

The strongest and most independent women in the Disney world have taken it upon themselves to demonstrate that they are willing to fulfill their dreams. In addition, they left behind the stereotype of the typical princess waiting for a Prince Charming, and they are the ones who seek their own happiness.

female disney characters

These girls are smart, powerful, risk-taking and of course they deserve a special mention. That’s why here we tell you which are those Disney characters played by women that we love to see on screen.

Moana from «Moana»

A brave and risky young woman whose main dream is to travel and explore the world by sailing the sea. Her personal determination makes her worthy of being a Disney girl who deserves recognition.

Elsa from “Frozen”

She is an independent young woman who is in charge of her own history, her problems and even pursuing her dreams. In addition, Elsa is clear about the value of family love as the most powerful motivation of all.

Female Disney Characters: Merida from “Indomitable”

She is a princess who is clear about the meaning of courage and love. Mérida also stands out in the sports and fighting fields, breaking all the stereotypes that consider that only men can attract attention in these scenarios.

Tiana from «The Princess and the Frog»

He has found love, but his plans were always focused on fulfilling his dreams. She had dreams, projects and illusions and the most important thing was that she wanted to save her work with her so that she could have her own restaurant: ‘Tiana’s Place’.

Mulan from “Mulan”

She was a young woman who felt that she was a disaster in traditionally feminine tasks. she for things in life she pretended to be a man to join the Chinese army and save her father. Mulán represents talent, risks, intelligence and audacity, which in the end managed to save China and the emperor from her.

Female Disney Characters: Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”

Bella is beautiful as her name says, but she stands out for being an intelligent girl who is always interested in learning, in books and in getting ahead by helping her father. In addition, she does not allow herself to be conquered by anyone, much less surrender at the feet of a man.

Jasmine from «Aladdin»

Jasmín is a princess with a strong character and convictions of her own. She is characterized by the fact that she is not afraid to fight for what she believes is fair. In addition, she is intelligent, cunning and stubborn, with a lot of willpower and capable of doing anything for her family.

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