Discover your mission in life with your date of birth

When doubts invade our lives, it is very common to question what our mission in life is without finding your answer, because it is not like that, sometimes the answer is closer than you think. When doubts invade our lives, it is very common to ask ourselves what it is our mission in life without finding your answer, because it is not like that, sometimes the answer is closer than you think.

Just look at your daily behavior in life situations and that’s it, only we never analyze it, but with this article you will understand it easier.

The birth chart reminds us of our star name and helps us recognize our life mission. By understanding it, we orient ourselves in the journey of our soul. astrology It encourages us to develop those activities where we feel good and move with fluidity. In whatever field we work, it helps to cultivate sensitivity and acceptance of ourselves and others. Our life mission is revealed in those activities where we perceive that our wounds are healing. At the same time, in this process, we help heal others.

Our mission is to serve life, to re-activate trust where fear appeared and to help the environment flourish wherever it may be. When our environment flourishes, we too flourish. The famous «life mission» is associated more with what we manage to produce in others than with exclusively personal material or economic benefit. Finding one’s own mission suggests stopping revolving around one’s own well-being in order to discover a sense of solidarity in one’s own existence.

In this celestial symphony we find an allegory of our life mission: the North Node. Now look up your date of birth and find out what sign your Node is in:

North Node in Aries:

If you were born between July 8, 1930 and December 29, 1931; between January 26, 1949 and July 26, 1950; between August 20, 1967 to April 20, 1969; between April 7, 1986 to December 3, 1987.

Your mission in life is to encourage yourself to take risks for yourself, to be a pioneer and avant-garde, enabling the rest to also be brave in their own decisions.

North Node in Taurus:

If you were born between December 29, 1928 and July 7, 1930; between August 3, 1947 and January 25, 1949; between February 20, 1966 and August 19, 1967; of September 12, 1984 to April 7, 1986; of April 14, 2003 to December 27, 2004.

Your mission in life is to learn to trust your own power and to generate personal resources, also enabling others to activate their personal talents.

North Node in Gemini:

If you were born between December 3, 1945 and August 2, 1947; between August 26, 1964 and February 19, 1966; between March 16, 1983 and September 11, 1984; between October 14, 2001 to April 13, 2003.

Your mission in life is to learn to explore variables, ask yourself things again, be a vehicle of communication and encounter, also enabling your environment to accept new ways of understanding things.

North Node in Cancer:

If you were born between May 11, 1944 and December 2, 1945; between December 24, 1962 and August 25, 1964; between September 21, 1981 and March 16, 1983; between April 10, 2000 to October 14, 2001.

Your life mission is to learn to connect with your own vulnerability to develop a containing and sensitive space, also enabling new levels of tenderness and love in your environment.

North Node in Leo:

If you were born between November 22, 1942 and May 11, 1944; between June 11, 1961 and December 24, 1962; between January 6, 1980 and September 21, 1981; between October 21, 1998 to April 9, 2000.

Your mission in life is to trust in your personal creativity to engage your heart in facing a more genuine life, also enabling the rest to trust in being legitimate and expressive.

North Node in Virgo:

If you were born between May 25, 1941 and November 22, 1942; between December 15, 1959 and June 11, 1961; between July 6, 1978 and January 13, 1980; between January 26, 1997 and October 20, 1998.

Your mission in life is to develop reason and order, to learn to put words to your intuition to gift those around you with your great ability to understand the labyrinths of the human soul.

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