Disastrous eyebrows… Don’t do this on your face!

Every woman who has plucked her eyebrows herself has made mistakes… But these disastrous ones take the jackpot!

Plucking eyebrows is, for many women, such a delicate and millimetric task like deactivating an atomic bomb: one more hair and we’ll be like «aunt».

And what can we say about eyebrow makeup? Definitely, if you want them to look perfect, you should take a course and become an expert in the practice, if not, there is no pencil, shadows or brush to do the work for youno hand that can help you…

Fortunately, most of us are sensible and don’t mess with our eyebrows, but these women you will see below did, and in what way! We present some photos that exemplify you what not to do on your face: The most disastrous eyebrows in the world!