Diet with which French women do NOT get fat

French women are elegant, fashionable and despite their delicious food they are the skinniest in Europe, how do they do it?

The French are getting fat, but their level current obesity rate of 11% is much lower than the dand USA at 33% and that of Mexico, which is very close to the USA.

The reason the French are getting fat is because they are giving up their traditional lifestyle and changing their eating habits along the same lines. “American style.” So it is better to talk about why the French did not get fat? We present some characteristics of the traditional French diet, they are very easy to follow.

French Moderation

The French eat in moderation. Portions in French food are smaller than in America.

French diet

They never diet. They eat everything, there are no forbidden foods. They eat lots of healthy fats like olive oil and prefer butter to margarine. They also eat a lot of cheese which is high in cholesterol but they don’t use substitutes. The key is the previous point: moderation.

They eat at home

They prefer eating at home to eating at restaurants all the time. They like to cook their own meals, they do not eat frozen or processed foods.

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They cook French

They use fresh ingredients, they prefer quality to quantity. They use the best quality ingredients even when they have to work hard to get them. They use many vegetables, herbs and natural species to give flavor, they do not use artificial seasonings. The French never buy or eat low quality bread, true French bread as we know is a delight.

french style

The French do not eat in front of the television or in the kitchen standing in front of the counter, mealtime is a special time to relax and chat.

They take their time eating

They enjoy every bite they don’t eat on the run. For the French, eating is a pleasure and therefore they take their time to enjoy it.

They don’t eat junk between meals

And less while walking. Most French people sit down to eat when they eat, even if it’s a snack. They don’t eat in the car, they don’t eat while walking, in front of the television or at the desk. If they have a coffee or a croissant, they do it in style sitting in a cafe or at home enjoying a conversation or a good book.

They walk a lot

It is difficult to find a good gym in Paris. The French walk a lot or play sports like swimming, they don’t kill themselves in the gym.

Chic and flirty

French women according to the author of a book on the French diet, Anne Baronne, are very flirtatious and like to look good. In France there are as many bakeries as there are lingerie stores. Therefore they are always aware of their figure. If one day they eat a lot, the next they eat less so as not to gain weight.

French women do not wear shapeless clothes for comfort like Americans. Their clothes are tailored and if they gain a centimeter they know it immediately and take action about it, they don’t wait for Monday to go on a diet, they just reduce the portions.

It is easy to incorporate good French habits into our lives, they are actually very Latin habits that we have abandoned due to the current life races. c’est fantastique.

Taken from Lindisima