Diego Camargo revealed reasons why after 17 years he divorced

Diego Camargowho participated in the last season of Master Chef Celebrityrevealed in an interview the reasons for their divorce.

Diego Camargo, who was one of the comedians who gave the most to talk about last season of the cooking reality show, surprised his followers with news. After 17 years of marriage, Diego announced that he was divorcing Marta Isabel Beltrán.

Diego Camargo divorced and explained the reasons that led him to make the decision

In the middle of an interview with a renowned entertainment program, Diego Camargo spoke of the reasons why he made the decision to end his marriage. The comedian claimed “After so much time one realizes that there are things that one needs to change. Starting a new process in life implies a lot of terror, but you have to continue”.

In addition, Diego added “These are things of years, there were fights, discussions, things in which we collided and others in which we walked together. We became friends, partners, colleagues (…) but at some point we became more partners than a couple”. The comedian was emphatic in mentioning that the decision had been made by him and that it was something that he had no turning back while he stressed that everything had been calm.

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