Did you see Adele skinny? And she achieved it on a diet

The impressive photo skinny adele with which he reappeared on the networks after months of absence left us with our mouths open. She lost a lot of weight!

Perhaps, when reading the headline of this note, you have doubted its veracity. And surely that happens to you because it is not the first time that this news has been given and in the end, you see Adele with the same overweight of before.

The first time we saw this news was in 2014, when she was heavily criticized for losing weight after stating that she was happy with him.

The second time -that we remember- was in 2015, the year in which he lost 15 kilos. She was quite noticeable and the improvements in her health were important, however kept fighting with the extra kilos for years.

Adele’s photo is really skinny

Recently, the British shared a photo on her Instagram account in which she appears wearing a black dress. We compare this image with the last one published on this network by her, in December of last year. Take a look at his before and after…

The change is so shocking that some of his followers commented that what had been done and speculated about weight loss surgeries. But, apparently, it was at the point of diet.

It would be the sirt food dietwhich basically consists of feeding exclusively on foods rich in sirtuin enzymes, which would generate the same effect in the body as fasting or exercise.

It should be noted that Adele published the photo in question to celebrate her birthday and thank the doctors for their fight against the coronavirus.

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