Did you like the change of Tigre Falcao?

They say that the tiger is not as they paint it, however the change of the Radamel Falcao Tiger is noticeable and from a distance due to its new cut.

The footballer published a photograph with his new look on social networks, the criticism of his followers did not wait.

The ‘Tiger’ dazzled at the player of the year gala Man Utdpleasing his wife Lorelei Taronwith short hair and a formal style.

Radamel left behind her long straight hair, and went for a risky cut that reveals her short hair on the sides and abundant on top.

The footballer has been the victim of attacks but also of good and loving comments from his followers. The rain of criticism for his image change has been an inspiration for the creation of funny memes that circulate on social networks.

Taken from The Herald