Did you know that Will Smith is famous for revenge?

Yes, ladies, the actor who drives many of us crazy confessed that he owes everything to a love situation that he had to live in his adolescence.

Will Smith -who is happily married to Jada Pinkett-Smith- He found the determination to become a star after suffering a serious emotional setback when his teenage girlfriend cheated on him.

“When I was 15 years old, my girlfriend at the time cheated on me with another guy. At that moment, for some twisted psychological reason, I decided that I wanted to be the most famous artist on the entire planet.Will confessed to the actor Benicio, the bull in an interview for Variety.

After that youthful disappointment, Will He has been much luckier in love, since he is currently forming one of the strongest marriages in the film industry with his wife. Regarding the secret of his sentimental stability, the actor is very clear that the key is never to throw in the towel.

“We have been married for 20 years and we keep asking ourselves what is the secret of a good marriage and in the end the important thing is to never give up. You cannot expect it to be easy, for us our marriage has been the hardest and most difficult challenge we have ever faced in our lives. But hey, we’re not one to give up. We work on ourselves as individuals to then be able to offer the other the best possible version of ourselves.”revealed the actor to Entertainment Tonight.

Taken from E! Entertainment