Did Yina Calderón and her current boyfriend break up?

Judging by the tearful scene she made, some say that Yina Calderón and her current boyfriend broke off their engagement, could it be?

Yina Calderón and her boyfriend were going to get married?

What is said on social networks is that this influencer she had an engagement ring on her fingerwhich is why wedding bells rang for her and her partner.

However, a recent video raised doubts among his followers. It is a scene, evidently staged, in which Yina appears crossing a tusa.

After seeing the clip, many netizens took it seriously and asked what had happened to his partner. Some, on the other hand, criticized her for her acting performance and even compared her to Epa Colombia ..

And it is that more than one imagines that something really happened with “El Negro”and this is the way in which the former soap opera protagonist implies that she doesn’t care.

Some think in the networks that her boyfriend was only with her out of interest, something that, of course, is nothing more than gossip; those who said that, argued that she kept it.

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