Did human barbie regret it? – Vibrate

The Ukrainian woman famous for undergoing plastic surgery to resemble the Barbie doll seems remorseful and now looks much more natural, look…

A few years ago the Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova caused a stir around the world for the changes she made to her body to be equal to the most famous doll of all time; she got it, and became famous throughout the world as the human Barbie.

At the end of 2014, the human Barbie made headlines around the world by going public. a beating he would have received for his physiquealthough some media said it was a publicity stunt.

Well, the human Barbie seems to have regretted seeing herself as the famous plastic doll, and lately she has been sharing on her Instagram account much more natural photosin which it is seen with a fitness and healthy look.

See what the human Barbie looks like without so much retouching or makeup